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Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
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Just a Few of Our Many Satisfied Clients

HW Halls   
April 19, 2019
Win, win!
“Quality of work, promptness in response, understanding customer needs and willingness to accommodate requests – all that we need for our bookkeeping services is provided by Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services We know whom to call for friendly service and efficiency. V & O keeps us on track, and their customer service is exemplary. The staff is friendly and informed-and we could not hire an accounting provider that would offer the services V& O does for the cost. A win-win experience.”

Marites Jayona
Vice President of Administrative Services
Executive Services Group International is a service company that does business in, and has several employees in, various states as well as two employees outside the USA. Until we contracted with Virtual and Onsite Accounting Services, the payroll was a challenging and arduous task requiring preparation of payroll governed by several different state taxing entities, each with different taxation regulations and laws, as well the US IRS and two foreign governments. We were skeptical and cautious as we searched for an outside service company that could keep our payroll accurate, on time, and in compliance with all those involved. That was over three years ago, and we have not had a single problem, delay, audit, or concern from any of the employees or taxing entities regarding our payroll. We do all our coordination and meetings online. We are now considering outsourcing our bookkeeping functions to Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services based on their performance and accuracy with our payroll servicing.

David M.
Califas (US) Ltd.
For most of the past 16 years, my company, Califax (US) Ltd has relied on the professional competence, efficiency and reliability of Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services.  When tasked to perform often difficult, complicated assignments, they have my highest endorsement.  I have no doubt that with their leadership they will continue that tradition for all their clients.
Janice W.
TMG Mortgage Associate
Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services has been performing my accounting responsibilities for the last year. Their professional and can do attitude is refreshing. Having Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services onboard literally frees up my time so I can be doing my job as a Mortgage Broker. I trust Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services to know what I need for my business and taxes.

Nancy C.
4c Communications
For the past 3 years, I have relied on the professional competency, efficiency and reliability of Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services. They have handled the bookkeeping for my consulting business 4C Communications.  They have my highest endorsement.  They are knowledgeable, efficiency, quick turn around time and very easy to deal with!

Terry D.
San Juan Fine Art
I have used the services of Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services for the last 8 years.  I  value their flexibility of schedule, accuracy and getting my information to the accountant for tax return preparation promptly.  The cost savings to my small business is as much appreciated as their willingness to work in my office or work virtually.

Kudes Group Inc.
Penney was not only insanely fast with a big project we gave her, but she was detailed, thoroughly explained everything, and made our finances easier to understand than ever before. She is also very kind and easy to work with.

I am so grateful we hired her and definitely will recommend her to anyone with book keeping needs.