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Accounting Services For Law Firms

We Specialize in the Unique and Special Needs of Law Firms

Our Law Firm Accounting Skills, Combined With Our Many Years of Experience in the Legal Industry, Will Make an Absolute & Positive Difference in the Development of Your Firm’s Profit Growth. learn how

Accounting for law firms can be very different from standard business accounting.

At Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services we have the skill and experience to navigate the differences between your law firm’s accounting and a typical business office. Our law firm clients appreciate our legal background, years of experience and skills in accounting to assist them with the unique nuances of law firm accounting and billing.

Does Your Firm Utilize Trust Accounting?

What about CTAs & IOLTAs? Client retainers require additional consideration.  The co-mingling of client funds with the general account is not a good practice.  Client statements and draws must be accounted for; however, not all areas of the legal industry require retainers.  Knowing the difference is important to your legal practice.

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Stop Leaking Revenue & Start Increasing Your Profits

Whether you’re a law firm of several attorneys or a solo practitioner, increasing your profits is an undeniable necessity. Discover how Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services can quickly and easily help you increase your bottom line. And, as an added benefit, you can save up to 40% on your accounting practices.  Get a FREE Consultation

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