Bookkeeping - Onsite Services

As your onsite Certified Bookkeeper, we are able to process the following services to ensure your business is putting its best foot forward.


Some clients prefer accounting professional be onsite while the work is being done. This allows extended personal interaction and a “hands-on” approach between our clients and our certified professionals. This is useful when the client is first being “set-up” or when special reports or audits are being performed.

It is also useful when frequent interaction is needed, or when several staff members need to be involved in a financial process.


Using Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services Certified Bookkeepers and Certified Public Bookkeepers, we are able to provide our clients with the following services:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Collection Letters and Phone Calls
  • Reconciliations of
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Card Accounts
    • Toll Road Accounts
    • General Ledger Accounts
    • Travel Vouchers
    • Expense Reports
    • Special Project Expenditures


  • New Vendor Requested Documentation (such as W-9 forms that are requested annually to ensure your business is up to date with issuing 1099’s at year end and remains in compliance with the Federal Law)
  • Processing Payroll (New Hire Payroll Forms including W-4 forms)
    • State Submissions to notify EDD of New Hires
    • Issuing of W-2's at Year End
  • Month End, Quarter End and Year End Close
  • Journal Entries
  • Financial Reports that provide a current status for budgetary monitoring, purchasing considerations. and financial planning