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At Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services, we offer both assisted and full service payroll services.

Payroll Services

Payroll is a sensitive area of any business.  Done correctly both company and employees are happy, which makes for better performance from staff and management.

At Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services we offer both assisted and full service payroll services. These services can include regular payday checks, termination checks, advances for emergencies, and other unusual incidents that may require payroll actions.

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Additionally, and more importantly, periodically, notices are sent out by the city, county, state and federal government agency responsible for collecting taxes that could have a serious impact on your business if not complied with. These changes could result in an increase or decrease of taxes to be deducted and paid by either your company or the employees.

Our team of skilled tax professionals continually monitors these changes and will immediately notify your company if any of these changes affect your payroll. Virtual & Onsite Accounting Services will advise you on how best to adjust any accounting or payroll practices you use to help avoid any adverse actions for non-compliance or using outdated methods or procedures.

Workers Compensation Contribution

Payroll isn’t just about paying staff compensation; it also can include employee or management bonus’s, sick time tracking, vacation tracking, health care benefits, 401K pension plan participation, family leave, and jury duty requirements.

As an employer it’s your payroll department’s responsibility to be on top of all the requirements for each of these areas for each staff member.  Are you ready?  Do you have the necessary up to date information to handle each of these sensitive issues?